Considerations for Choosing Your Provider

If you think choosing between contract and PAYG is your only major concern when deciding how to use your mobile, there are actually more things to think about when it finally comes down to choosing your network. Below are the factors that you should carefully assess, especially if you're planning to commit to a full 24-month mobile contract.

Compare the Tariffs

One of the first things you'd want to know is how much you can get for a certain amount each month from a certain provider. A decent tariff should have inclusive call minutes, texts, and some amount of data. The best tariffs would offer substantial amounts of those for an affordable price. However, depending on how you use your mobile, you may have to find tariffs which are fully customisable so that you can add more calls, texts, and data as needed. To know more about mobile tariffs, please visit Moneysupermarket.

Consider What Your Friends/Colleagues are Using

Finding out the network that your friends and other contacts are using can help you in two ways. First, you get to obtain honest feedback from them regarding the service. Second, you'll most likely spend less in tariffs when you're communicating with people who are under the same network. In fact, there are many deals that will allow you to send free text messages to contacts under the same network or the same plan.

Check the Signal

Definitely, you'll need to know if the network has good reception in your area before committing to the service. If possible, choose the network with the widest coverage, especially if you're travelling frequently.

Review the Offers

Various providers employ different means to attract new customers and keep existing ones subscribed to their service. They may offer various promotions from time to time. Make your decision based on what will give you the most savings in the long run. Also look out for rewards that they will give once you've finished your contract.

Determine How Easy/Difficult It Would Be to Switch

Should you decide not to renew your subscription after your contract expires, your provider should be willing to let you go without any difficulties. If you have fulfilled your end of the deal and have made your payments to them on time, there should not be any reason for them to hold you back. Remember that a reputable network should unlock your phone if you request for it at the end of your contract, so that you'll be free to switch to a new SIM card. They must also provide you with your PAC if you want to use your old number.

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